Romeo and Juliet – Coming Soon

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We’ve been anxiously awaiting the opening of Romeo & Juliet at 301 Massachusetts Avenue, Northeast.  In the old location of the much-loved and long-closed White Tiger, Romeo & Juliet’s long gestation appears to be worth the wait.

We’ve dined twice in the past two weeks.  They’ve been on soft open for a few weeks and Giorgio, one of the proprietors, expects the formal open date to be July 12th.  Here are a few picture from our first two visits:

I started both meals with a house specialty, a limoncello martini.  The martinis were so good they inspired me to make my first batch.  Marcia had the arugula salad and I had the beef carpaccio.  The carpaccio was elegantly prepared and nicely accented with sliced radish, cracked pepper, shaved Parmesan, passion fruit purée.

The sea bass was beautifully presented and deftly executed.  Served on a bed of incredibly savory canneli beans, nicely seasoned with Spanish suasage, the fish was light and flakey with a wonderful sear on the skin.

I’ve had a fickle relationship with pasta over the last fifteen years.  As a former acolyte of the low carb lifestyle, I’m not a huge fan of pasta, but I really wanted to try the Lobster ravioli.  It was not only beautifully presented, well-executed, and extraordinarily flavorful.

We’ve tried two desserts so far, the chocolate lava cake and the creme brûlée.  The lava cake was good, but not great.  Slightly undercooked, there was a lump of unmelted chocolate.    The challenge of lava cakes is finding that delicate region between undercooked and overcooked.  The creme brûlée on the other hand was perfection in a ramekin.  Dense, creamy, with a strong vanilla flavor with perfectly caramelized sugar on top.

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