We had a wonderful New Year’s Eve dinner at Le Grenier.  They had a great option for a three course prix fix at $39 fee person.  With that we had our choice of appetizer, main course and dessert.  Wine pairings were available for each course for an additional $15 per person.

I opted to go mostly seafood and started with with seafood in puff pastry.  The tantalizingly savory preparation included crab meat, bay scallops and paper thin slices of mushroom in a Chablis sauce.  Good to the last savory bite!  I paired this course with a light and crisp Sauvignon Blanc with a hint of tartness and kiwi.

My main course was mussels and fries (les moules frites).  It was the traditional marinieres preparation with a couple of great seasonal flourishes.  Typically marinieres mussels are prepared with white wine and shallots. For this “comfort-foodie” version, they added fresh rosemary and heavy cream; the results took what could have been just a terrestrial preparation to a level of celestial execution.  I paired this with a glass of Grenache.

The final course, paired with champagne, was a crepe of Carmelized apples flambeed with Calvados.  While Carmelized, the apples still retained a firm texture and a hint of tartness (probably  Granny Smiths).  The meal was amazing, the atmosphere festive.  We always enjoy catching up with Dmitri, who’s waited on us for many of visits over the last 18 months.  Marie, the owner, always comes by for a visit when we dine there.  If you haven’t tried it yet, put Le Grenier on your list for dinner, brunch or cocktails for 2016!  Follow Le Grenier of Twitter and Facebook.

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