The Greene House | Kierland Commons

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Had a really wonderful meal at the Green House at Kietland Commons in Scottsdale.  Kierland Commons is a large  shopping mall with a walkable feel like New Town in Williamsburg.

Like the New Americans and others in the upscale casual dining space, the restaurant is fairly large with high ceilings and an open kitchen.  We were seated close to both the kitchen and the front bar.  With the football national championship on the bar TV, it led to a sometimes raucous feel during our meal.

I started with tuna tartare tacos.  They were served in crispy house-made shells with a generous portion of tuna tartare  and avacado flavored with a light sauce of soy and wasabi and garnished with Asian cabbage.


My main was a deliciously savory bacon-wrapped pork tenderloin served with sautéed shiitakes and Brussells sprouts, scalloped potatoes and plated with a light glaze of Calvados reduction.

We shared and amazingly delicious caramel apple crostata for dessert.  The crust was a light walnut streusel, the apples were nicely caramelized and it was paired with a vanilla bean gelato.

An awesome meal!  There are other restaurants in the chain that we may try during our stay.  We also discovered they have a restaurant in Fairfax after checking their website.  Can’t to try the others.

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