While yesterday’s weather wasn’t so great (at least in the morning), it turned out to be a  









 great day to do the EU embassy tours.  Took the Capitol South Metro to Foggy Bottom where we caught a shuttle to the Embassy of Sweden – @swedeninusa. In addition to famous names like Alfred Nobel, ABBA, and Nina Cherry, iconic brands like IKEA, Saab and Electrolux come from Sweden.  

We had a great time at the Swedish embassy; however, the logistics of getting from the Swedish embassy to Germany/France was a challenge.  After waiting in the shuttle line for 30 minutes, we gave up and decided to go for an Uber to the German embassy.  The French and German embassies co-hosted at the German embassy. The displays and  






 information at the German embassy were less detailed and informative than this at the Swedish embassy.  We did get to see a piece of the Berlin Wall.  There was also a classic Citroen.  The food and beverage offerings of France and Germany more than made up any shortcomings in displays.  The French had a nice array of food and beverage including a tasty background n and ham sandwich with vegetables served on a baguette.  What kind of meal ca you have without a nice Bordeaux?  They also had a nice selection of pastries. The Germans had a nice selection of bratwurst, sausages, pretzels and (of course) beer.

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