Le Grenier Continues to Impress

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We had an enjoyable “just because” dinner at Le Grenier on H street last night.  “Just because” could mean neither of us wants to cook, no one picked up groceries, or in this case, last night before heading out of town with lots to do before today’s 5:30 wheels up departure time.

Because Le Grenier changes their menu seasonally, it’s always fun to see what new favorites may be awaiting us.  I started with a

cocktail called the Tramway, perhaps named for the not-yet-in-service H street corridor streetcar.  It includes Redemption bourbon,  Orchard cherry liquor, a cognac-soaked cherry and club soda.  A light and refreshing summer cocktail.

The appetizer course brought two new taste sensations from the recently updated menu.  Marcia ordered the Rillettes de lapin, Rabbit Rillettes; I ordered the Crepe aux Asperger, Asparagus Crepe.  The Rillettes are rabbit

 cooked in bacon fat with the taste and consistency of patee, nicely paired with prune confit, toast, and cornichons (gherkins).  The asparagus crepe was a delight.  Poached until

 tender, nicely complimented with Parmesan sauce and ensconsed in a fluffy crepe, then garnished with truffle oil.

For our main courses Marcia opted for Navarin Printanier, braised leg of lamb.  In a classic French preparation, the lamb is

 braised and fall of the bone tender served with carrots, pearl onions, turnips, potatoes, green bean and peas.  I chose the Chevreuil Au Cafe, braised venison.  Another savory

 classic, the venison is paired with a mushroom fricassee, served over a manchego potenta with hazelnut fennel and a coffee-cognac sauce.  While it sounded as though it could be a sweet sauce. It was actually quite savory a and it worked very well with the venison and the polenta.

For dessert we went for the Gourmande crepe.  Imagine a decadent rich brownie with marshmallow fluff, in a crepe topped with coconut flakes chattily cream.  While it’s hard to go wrong with Le Grenier’s

chocolate mousse or their Nutella crepe, this delectable confection adds another star to the constellation of all-star desserts available at Grenier!

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