Our 4th day in Belize was… wait for it… low key.

After a traditional American breakfast, we hung out by the pool. At some point we got the motivation to take an afternoon walk up the beach. We walked to Ramon’s, about two miles north of our resort.

On the way north to Ramon’s we passed plenty of piers and and a number of conch shells. Conch ceviche figures prominently on menus in local restaurants and conch shells litter the beaches and piers of San Pedro.

We passed by Pier 366 during our trek and decided to return there for dinner since they had several shellfish-free options for Marcia.

The meal and service were among the best we’ve had this trip. I went for the seafood Alfredo which included sea scallops, shrimp, and clams with a rich and creamy sauce and an abundance of Parmesan cheese! For dessert, I opted to enjoy the strawberry chocolate cheesecake. It was an ethereally light strawberry cheesecake over a chocolate cookie crust.

The final photo is from the lobby of Banyan Bay Suites, where Pier 366 is the onsite restaurant.

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