We started our 6th day in paradise with our best breakfast of the trip (to date) at Red Ginger, the onsite restaurant at the Phoenix Resort. Looking for something other than a traditional American breakfast or a breakfast sandwich, I found what turned out to be the best breakfast of the trip, Chunky Monkey Pancakes. Light and airy, the pancakes and chock full of banana slices and chocolate chips and served with fresh fruit and chocolate syrup. I found the chocolate syrup a bit rich for the mix and opted to go with regular syrup instead. It was an awesome meal in a great setting. Red Ginger is a nicely ensconced on the grounds of the Phoenix Resort in downtown San Pedro. If you didn’t know you were just steps from the beach, you might thing you were on the grounds of the Arizona Biltmore in Phoenix or at La Quinta in Palm Springs. With a friendly staff, a beautiful property and an outstanding restaurant, it’s no surprise that it’s one of the most popular resorts in San Pedro.

After breakfast, it was off to the pool for reading and relaxation. While the temperatures have been mostly mild, mid-day humidity levels are pretty high, so the occasional dip in the pool is especially refreshing.

We had a nice dinner at Iguana Juan’s in downtown San Pedro. We’d been seeing signs for the restaurant all over the island. Like many of the restaurants and bars in San Pedro, it’s owned and run by an American ex-pat. Their menu and marketing are have a decidedly American appeal.

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